Does Media Ownership Matter? Why should we care?

Imagine this. Its 1990 and you are sitting there next to your “rad Macintosh” with your best friend Kyle holding your DC skateboard and you are about to surf the web. Life is simple. Compared to the billions of search results you can conjure up for the most obscure searches in this day and age, the early days of the digital media was a whole new concept to the entire world, not just the “traditional media”. However today it is a whole different kettle of fish (excuse my simple country boy slang)

Every single news source you may access on the internet is owned and controlled in some way or another by an outside source. Not to generalise but most of these outlets you place your faith in for your daily news are owned by Middle aged to well, old, billionaires. People like the fantastic character Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire playboy I mean what a stud, owns news cooperations like ‘News Corp’, ‘The Sun’, for a brief time ‘Fox News’ and who can forget the morally corrupt ‘News of the World’ who were caught up in the phone hacking scandal which ultimately led to the extermination of the news outlet entirely.

For me I get all my news from places like, as many iPhone users would, the ‘News App’. However apple simply pull stories from its search engine ‘Safari’ to put on its news app and these stories are pulled from various sources and to get the seemingly impossible “unbiased” news story is looking like a fleeting objective.

For many people the connivence of news apps like “9 news app” or “News” or any other major broadcasters attempts at an easy to access application makes the masses base what news they absorb off convenience instead of fact. It is vital to take into account in the 21st century media ownership because unfortunately media and news has turned into a numbers game. It is billionaires playing chess with one another and the public are the pawns they choose to feed their politically motivated opinions too day by day. Trust and media integrity used to be held in such high regard when being a media professional was globally respected. Now, it is about ratings and revenue. The two poisonous R’s that are are having a corrosive effect on the media as a whole.

Now I do apologise for the opinionated nature of this post but it is an issue that I do feel very strongly about. Media ownership will in, my opinion, be the death of ethical media practises and to me that does matter.

4 thoughts on “Does Media Ownership Matter? Why should we care?

  1. The fact that we are aware of the corrupt billionaires that own our media services, have even seen them be exposed and their empires shutdown, but are still willing to reach for the most convenient news provider is kind of scary. I agree that at the end of the day, financial gain has become a larger priority for news outlets over quality reporting. It’s just becoming more and more difficult to access reliable news. Definitely don’t apologise for ‘country boy slang’ because your blog is easy to read, and I felt as though I was listening to you discuss your opinions during a conversation. It also adds character and personality to your work.


  2. Angus first things first brilliant blog post utterly outstanding, I also stand with you on the point of media ownership as trying to find an article with out a bias utterly useless in most case as the media empires rule what we hear, what we read, and what we see on near all media platforms. And loved you’re swing at old rupie, he’s a slimy piece of work, the term politically biased should be written on his tombstone. I have other reason to hate the old man but I agree that him and men and women like him will be the death of ethical media practice and journalism as a whole, because every story they want is written for shock value alone


  3. It’s so daunting to think (and realise) that what we are reading is controlled and not there to generally inform us but inform us in a way that these ‘middle aged, old, billionaires’ want us to be informed.
    And it’s so true, even the news aps that are meant to be unbiased are just purely based on what’s popular and what people WANT to hear. After reading this article it really makes you think if anyone in the world actually knows what’s going on at all. You’re right, this article is opinionated but someone needed to say it.


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