Am I considered global? To be honest I don’t know.

The word “Global” is a fairly broad term. Global what? Global citizenship? Global marketing? Global travel? There are so many ways that both an individual or company can be considered this elusive “global” term. As for me, I would have to say through my teeth that I am absolutely not global, in the traditional sense at least, and here’s why.

In 2011, Pedro Alejandro Basualdo stated that to be considered a global citizen is:

an individual who, as a global citizen, demonstrates a profound sense of respect for human rights and dignity

This was a view of being global that my little ethnocentric brain had completely glossed over. Basualdo suggests in his article for the UN that a person does not need to just be simply “well traveled” or “worldly spoken” to be considered global. One simply must show compassion and respect for the entire human race as a whole and this is a very interesting point of view.

I think that I am a compassionate person, I know I could be much better but it’s a start. From a media point of view however, I think my answer is a firm no, I am not global. The services I use and the content that I consume all point to a straight western white man and boy they are not wrong. I tend to stick to shows I have already watched before and know are a “safe” watch. Programs like How I Met Your Mother, Friends and Suits I have seen multiple times the entire way through. A recent study published in “The Atlantic” says that the co edition I seem to have is very common amongst most modern content viewers. Derek Thompson suggests that all humans are creatures of habit and addiction and find comfort in familiar surroundings. Binge watching and re-watching the same programming, while being normal, are decreasing how global the western content consumers are.

Streaming services like Netflix and Stan do offer many different viewing options to make our modern viewing habits more global. International films and shows are listed as well as websites and programs that unlock different regional variances of these streaming services so as a society, we really do not have an excuse for not being more “global”.

Taking this int account, I have been forcing myself to bust out of my secluded media bubble and stream more “international” programming. Shows like Chernobyl and even some Japanese anime like Pokemon and such are all very small steps into forcing my to be a more global content producer and in turn, a more effective student of the communications and media profession.

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