My Television Habits

Ahhhh television. The modern day baby sitter. We are sitting on a generation who have access to more internet and streaming services than ever. The amount of television shows and movies that are accessible from ever nationality at the touch of a button is astounding. What do I watch you ask? Well in the spirit of honesty I would classify myself as the “Traditional content consumer”. That is, a person of a younger generation who consumes content digitally or on streaming services like Netflix or Stan instead of the traditional scheduled programming like the older generations prefer.

S0, we have established that I consume my television-like content from streaming services or online, but where specifically and what shows? Well, currently I am using both Netflix and Stan to consume my desired shows. A recent study has shown that the average media consumer will actually prefer to re-watch the same shows that they have already seen over and over again as it actually gives a sense of security and normality to their content viewing. Unfortunately for me, I feel like I fall right into this group.

I tend to watch TV shows that ran for a long time and I can sit and binge over and over again with all the episodes at my fingertips. Shows like ‘The Office’ (US), ‘How I Met your Mother’ and ‘Friends’. I have the habit of putting these shows on a cycle and just running through them over and over and over again. It has got to the point where I am beginning to be able to quote specific episodes which kind of scares me. As the kids these days say, I am quite a “Vanilla dude” when it comes to my media content consumption which is actually something I am attempting to change.

To try and combat this “vanilla” attitude, I decided to try and branch out and completely change my tune when it came to viewing habits. The polar opposite actually. HBO recently put together a compelling drama called “Chernobyl”. This is a heavy hitting drama that is compelling the entire way through. It recalls the events of the nuclear explosion at the Chernobyl Power Plant that had devastating impacts for the entire population of Chernobyl and the surrounding area. It is a vast change from the light hearted, “fruity tuty” television that my rather sheltered mind was used t0 being exposed to. Possibly the most interesting thing about this show is the fact that Russia denied the factuality of the series and remade it from what they think the truth was, because the HBO producers got the series so historically correct. Shows like this really grab my attention and I have found that to possibly expand my content consumption repertoire, I need to focus on more historical dramas and even documentaries. And who knows, I might be able to shake this “vanilla” attitude that haunts me to this day.


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