Our Digital Artefact for 2019…. Devouring Wollongong

Devouring Wollongong is a concept that has been brought to life by the tireless efforts by my group members Laura Cross, Tobias Thomas and I guess I helped a little bit as well.

Our DA runs off the idea of a platform for all uni students who are unsure of the amazing opportunities that Wollongong and the surrounding region has to offer. The team will tour around to different restaurants, cafes or even markets to find and sample food of the region and then discuss events in Wollongong for that week in multiple YouTube videos. The aim is to promote local business and events to the massive population of university students who may otherwise be oblivious to the happenings of their local region.

A very important factor that we will take very seriously is to make these videos as entertaining as possible encourage a wider viewing audience. With the promotion that we will also be pushing on multiple social media platforms like instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we hope this DA will be a success.

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