Devouring Wollongong: A Process Log Pt 1

The process of creating a digital artefact for the BCM subject, making media, has been a wild ride and we are only 4 weeks in to the entire adventure. I would like to say straight off the bat how blessed I am to have some of my best friends on my team as we work so well together. Tobias Thomas is the ideas man. He comes up with concepts and gets the ball rolling on so many of our greatest ideas. Laura Cross is probably the most vital member of the Devouring Wollongong team. She has the creative brilliance to edit and create our videos and has proved herself time and time again as the camera woman, chef editor and even a great on camera presence. If I was to describe my role in the team, it would be writing scripts or our pitch and our list video, which is still in the process of being made, and also being on camera for a lot of our videos. I describe myself as a fairly confident person who is not afraid of public speaking or talking to strangers which is going to be critical to our projects success.

Now, getting to the logistics and the creative process so far including any challenges that both myself and our group has faced since we began. From day 1, we created a Google Doc, pictured left or click here to go straight to our doc to view in more detail. This was a place for us to write down all ideas, our schedules, scripts and basic concepts that have been put into effect.

Personally, I watched some of the featured Digital Artefacts that Ted had posted on the Moodle site as a way of getting in my head, the creative path that I envisioned Devouring Wollongong to follow. Not many of the examples shown had the same theme as what we were trying to achieve so this meant some original concept design was required. We collectively decided that we would try and promote Devouring Wollongong early on various forms of social media so we had a “cult following” in essence so when it was time to post our videos, we already had an audience and this would put us one step ahead. We used Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to try and cover all bases and get as much reach as possible. The hyperlinks are embedded in their respective titles so click them to view our different social media platforms.

However, after receiving some requested feedback from my tutor Angus after the pitch was submitted, he pointed out that it was not clear why exactly we had so many social media platforms and put forward the idea that is made our project confusing and harder to follow. Putting this to the group we agreed that there was too much and are taking down the twitter account and possibly the Instagram account leaving just Facebook and YouTube, giving our project some direction.

Since the project started, and being already close friends, meeting for group discussions about our project has been easy. There has been multiple coffee “dates” where we bounce ideas off each other and has honestly been vital to our project progression.

Devouring Wollongong has come a long way, however still has a long way to come as we adapt and change with feedback and audience reactions.

I’m Angus Andrews, thanks for listening to my ted talk.


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