Devouring Wollongong – Beta Version

Ever since the pitch video was posted online and I received the now vital feedback from my tutor Angus, Devouring Wollongong has gone under some major change. One of the largest piece of feedback that drove this evolution was to do with the large yet unclear social media presence spread across multiple platforms. The feedback specifically stated:

Speaking of platforms, you’re throwing quite a few at us here and it’s not well articulated in your methodology why you have so many, what the strategy will be for their individual use will be, etc. Much of your project is still very broad at this stage, at least as it is communicated in the pitch.

Angus Baillie

Taking this on board we took action immediately and instigated some serious changes. As stated in our beta video, originally we had a page for our DA on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube while also posting once or twice on reddit. When I say the change was dramatic I meant it. We cut out the instagram and the twitter page completly to give our project more direction.

Instead of posting to Youtube first like our original idea had planned, we started posting directly to Facebook. The reason for this was we were getting far better reach and audience engagement when users did not have to click a link and leave the app to watch our content as seen by the analytics in the pictures bellow.

The overwhelming difference of viewership and post engagement between our larger group video Eat Street and Lauras individual adventure which went straight to Facebook. We learnt very quickly that as a medium, Facebook provides a better outreach to our intended audience.

The beta video better explains our trials and tribulations over the past few months so sit back, relax and enjoy!

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