Stage Two: Prototyping

So here we are. The aptly named “prototyping” stage. The group mates that I have been blessed with for my digital artefact have been nothing but brilliant and have adapted-to the changes the we have undergone so perfectly. So let’s kick things off with how Devouring Wollongong has changed since I last checked in.

Right off the bat we had a rather dramatic cull of much of our social media presence to give our project much more focus. However if you would like to hear more about this read my previous Beta blog post as I feel like I run the risk of posting two identical blog posts. Just quickly though, we made our main social media presence Facebook and pulled the plug on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, making it much more manageable for the three of us. Our reasons behind this? Well the simple answer is feedback and actively monitoring our reach and audience engagement made Facebook a clear winner.

Our new mantra that we at Devouring Wollongong are pursuing? Smaller posts but more often. We found that even though the videos had larger reaches and audience engagement, the effort to write, produce and especially editing on Laura became too much. We were able to cover more ground while also promoting the the region and what it has to offer at a greater rate. The photo above demonstrates the consistent numbers that our smaller individual posts were gaining which started to prove much more effective. The mount of new likes for our page plateaued and we were not continually expanding our page at the rate we wanted too which is the next thing to work on.

I need to mention my role in the group so far as I need to be critical of my performance that I am not as happy with. As the major videos slowed down, my role as director and script writer disappeared, and with the insurgence of small individual posts, I feel I have been lacking and need to pick up some slack to contribute to the mantra I mentioned before, smaller posts but more often. This is something that I will fix before the final part of the DA is due.

The simple idea that has been drilled into out minds since the very beginning of BCM114 is of course FEFO, fail early, fail often. An ideology that Devouring Wollongong has almost taken too literally, especially during the ideating stage. The many social media platforms and various methods of producing content lead to a confused audience and as a result we failed often, but early. This can be credited to the breaking stage of the process. Audience engagement was good but very spread out and some social media platforms were obviously failing and we had to sit down and be fairly ruthless in culling the unnecessary forms of media, honestly surprised my group didn’t get rid of me. Now after the prototyping stage, we have a new focus and new goals set to achieve before the final project is due. Just remember. This is just all one big learning process.

Also the lectures mentioned copy-write and licensing and this was also something we had to overcome. Our videos needed music to play in the background and finding royalty free music was a challenge but the brilliant editor Laura managed to find a royalty free website that had music we could use as long as we referenced the site and what song. There are always ways around issues if you look hard enough.

Prototyping has been fun, but honestly I am just as excited for the final stage where we can really show off our final, refined project.

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