The Digital Artefact: Devouring Wollongong

What was Devouring Wollongong? Devouring Wollongong was intended to be a platform for university students to inspire them to be adventurous in their choices when it comes to group activities or food destinations. The way in which we set about to achieve this filled the group with excitement as we began by instantly setting up a Devouring Wollongong page on any social media network available. We were going to produce as many entertaining videos as possible to encourage students to experiencing what we were trying every week. This was our concept, however when it came to our execution and methodology this ideal began to evolve rapidly.

As a group, different roles were assigned to each individual person as, in the beginning, the workload looked to be huge. We had four seperate social media platforms that our Digital Artefact was operating off. These consisted of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and for a very brief trial Reddit. Our original methodology ran from the ideal that the more platforms we operated from, the more reach and audience participation in our project would occur. However this was very quickly shut down due to feedback from Online Presence 1 where my tutor suggested that the lack of focus that we were beginning to experience was due to the spread out nature of our project. After this issue was raised the entire methodology that we were abiding by changed. It was at this point that Instagram, Twitter and Youtube were abolished and Facebook became our primary social media platform and we soon began to see the difference. We began to upload videos including the three of us and instantly the amount of views and post engagements were doubled as it was easier for users to not have to leave the app to view our content as we uploaded straight to Facebook. Yet again however, we had a methodology shift as the strain of creating weekly videos became too much and we did not feel that we were reflecting the values that were stated from the start. The end result demonstrated many smaller, worded posts with photos of places we had visited as to keep up with our quota of content for the week.

Important lessons were made throughout the entire process, a result that could be said by every single student who participated in the Digital Artefact process. As already stated we leant that a large social media presence is not always a good one but also a rule that was instigated from the first few weeks of BCM114 which was to fail early and often to create a stronger DA. Devouring Wollongong went through its trials and tribulations and frustration quickly evolved into a critical thinking skill to try and adapt to challenges to ensure our DA could succeed in a competitive online environment.

It has not always been easy but Devouring Wollongong evolved into an operational project with varying degrees of success throughout the entire experience. The lessons lessons learned from a project like this will be taken into the field of media that many of the BCM114 students will fall into. Success in this DA is not measured in likes, but in the ability to create an ever adapting project and being able to map your progress in the online world.

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