Casual Bevs Podcast

In essence, the Casual Bevs Podcast was a way for myself and Laura Cross to demonstrate the way in which we can both interact with each-other and audience recommended content in the most entertaining way possible. We will discuss topics sent in by BCM tweeters and attempt to create worth while podcast that people would want to listen to. Quality over quantity.

It will be both recorded and filmed in each-others apartments. The footage will be released in little bits to twitter to give the audience a second angle and almost different interpretation of the podcast and the dynamic that Laura and I share entirely. When I say quality over quantity, what is meant is we do not want to fall into the trap of attempting to make a show every week and losing sight of making content that we are proud of. The aim is four shows by the end of the process that we can be proud of!

So here is our pitch video, sit back and just take in the view!

(Press the hyperlink if you are lost btw)

Laura and I having a giggle in our pitch video (p.s sorry about the photo Laura love you xx)

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