The Medium is the Message

So, the medium is the message. “The program is incidental”, or in other words, does the content matter? This concept put forward by Marshal Mcluhan is honestly one of the most difficult concepts that I have ever had to get my head around. It took frequent readings and rewatching of lectures to just start to understand it.

The takeaway message that I have deduced is that, depending on how the audience is receiving the message i.e. speech, text, video ect, the final message that each receiver transcribes is different. If you want to really break it down, you could say that even my interpretation of Mcluhan’s ideology, being presented through blog form, could be received completely differently by someone else who comes from a different political standpoint or cultural background. The way that we convey messages and information can be, and is, far more important than the actual message itself as there is no such thing as a global understanding or language for any topic or conversations that may occur.

The video bellow is one shared by another BCM student on the twitter feed that finally started to help my understanding of the concept!

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