Lock up your sons and daughters, meme warfare is coming

Now, I am not going to lie to you, myself as I am sure many other of my bcm112 classmates did as well, imagined this World WAR Three type scenario where Dat Boi was being used as grenades and the dancing coffin men were foot soldiers as soon as Ted said “meme warfare”. I was also DELIGHTED to find out that there is such thing as a meme engineer, gave me a new found purpose in life. However, as with 99.9% of the content in this seemingly more complicated subject, there are many other layers too unpack.

Meme Warfare is also known as trolling, an event that we see happen in the seemingly infinite internet landscape. However a meme is not just a picture with a funny caption, which I will admit id exactly what I thought they were before exploring them in greater detail at university. A meme can be anything from a picture to leaks, a funny hashtag or anything else that the wonders of the internet can come up with, also mockery, cant forget mockery. Memes are being used as the ammunition on the 21st century social media battlefield and are the new form of propaganda to convey a message and win over hearts and minds. This new and not very scary sounding war is being used around the world from elections to important global decisions, the internet can almost make a meme out of anything. Because they can change and evolve at such a rapid pace, the importance of staying up to date with trends means that memes are developing a 21st century cultural inheritance (Dawkins)

On that point, Richard Dawkins eluded that memes are like DNA of the 21st century world, they make up everything that we interact with in our internet driven lives, like I said before, anything can be made into a meme, and why they are becoming such a tool to success.

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