Framing our own perceptions: Do we actually have any original thoughts?

As this subject progresses I find myself questioning everything I thought I knew about life and media. This week, Ted decided to throw my PERCEPTION (look at that its already coming together) of how I as a human am fed information through the use of framing completely out of focus.

This weeks content was all about framing and the construction of perception. How the media can start with a chaotic stimuli then frame it to ensure that the responders understand the story from a specific stance. This then leads to a coherent story that is accepted widely throughout the community then this is a clear and discernible event.

As I am now on a role I am just going to continue to spit out my understanding of this weeks content because it is the better path for this post to follow… most readers you can just exit the page now its not that exciting. So, the way an event is framed actually differs throughout the various network types that exist, and with our 21st century online world, the distributed network is the best example of this. Every user of the internet has his or her own bias or preconceived ideals that influence their perception of an event or frame. This is what we call schema, frames based off previous knowledge. Because in a distributed network it is so open to everyone with limited gatekeepers (look at me remembering things from last week) it is hard for an event to be fed through one targeted frame and many different versions of the sam event can come to the surface.

In my title I will admit that it does sound a little bleak, a very dystopian when the topic itself is actually very interesting. But when you think about it, it is amazing how other networks can frame a story or event to control perception, makes you question every opinion you have.

One thought on “Framing our own perceptions: Do we actually have any original thoughts?

  1. I really love how; in this post you seemingly make it personal yet academic and impersonal at the same time. All up well done on this post and delving into the content


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