Marketing Vision: A Beta Story

So the original plan that my BCM112 classmate Laura Cross and I originally had was to create an audience run podcast situated in Wollongong HOWEVER life got in the way. When I say life, I mean the global COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping the world. This forced us to go to our respective home towns and made the podcast not a viable option. So as my main man Bear Grills would say, I had to improvise, adapt and overcome to get a functioning DA prototype up and running

This is where Marketing vision was born. A blog created on the program WIX that showcases my own research into interesting marketing topics. As I said in the video, the way that I have written it is in a stye that is more informal but more entertaining so I can attempt to get the message of media and advertising across to a wider audience.

I briefly touch on it in the video but I have enlisted the help of Beyond Branding, to design a logo for my blog to give it recognition and a more professional look when I link it to my own personal social media. With the use of LinkedIn and Twitter, I plan to promote the blog as my own personal business and brand and hopefully add this to my portfolio. I have also set up a place where readers can contact me for advice or other opportunities that this blog could bring, this will also help me measure the success of this blog.

Finally the challenges that I have identified as I set up the operational prototype is how I can promote this blog effectively and I am also unsure if I will be able to set up my blog through the WIX app to grant the readers an ease of access. These issues are however not huge because I identified them early and am currently working to eliminate them.

Marketing Vision is up and running and I am excited to produce the entertaining content that I crave.

This is the Beta Video for Marketing Vision, give it a watch!

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