Hyper-Reality and Simulations

If you just woke up and are for some reason reading this, I would drink a cup of coffee and gather yourself because the theory in this weeks (week 8) content will make you question everything.

Do you wake up in the morning and sometimes walk into a wall and continue to take steps even though you are clearly glitching out? Do you sometimes go swimming and all of a sudden the pool ladder has disappeared and the only option you deem fit is to sit there and await the sweat release of a drowning death? Well congratulations! Chances are you are a Sim and you’re entire life has been a lie!

In this weeks lecture, the ideology of hyper-reality, simulation and spectacle. The entire premise was about how somebodies framing of reality can differ and how, when you think about it, our entire knowledge of our reality could be purposely framed like that because we live in a simulation…

The cave allegory is one that made the most sense to me when talking about framing of reality, don’t worry, I’ll dive into the simulation debate soon. This allegory explains how a prisoner in a ave who just sees shadows on a wall of people and animals passing by will create his own reality of what the shapes are and where they come from because it is all he knows. Everybody has their own personal cave. A way of seeing the world brought on by our own personal experiences or beliefs that frame reality in ways that others do not.

Now we move onto the wildly popular simulation argument. Countless movies and TV shows have been made that, ironically, simulate the reality of our entire life being a computer program or simulation itself. I still have a hard time understanding this but this Ted Talk helped and should all check it out.

Finally, the difference between hyper-realism and reality? Well, put simply something that is made to seem more real is considered hyper-realistic. How can something be made to seem more real? The media does it every day… something to think about.

Peace out

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