Intellectual Property and content control: what you can and can’t say

To begin with, I am shocked on the complexity of the various copyright laws that exist and how much worse it has gotten since the birth of the internet and shareable content. The lecture described how back in ye ol’ days, Shakespeare and other famous play writes just hit Control C on each-others work and nobody seemed to bat an eyelid… mostly.

I was just sitting here thinking how anybody is supposed to conduct any kind of content sharing or production of their own “work” online these days and then thats when the miracle that is Ted answered all my questions. So, this week, I have put together a survival guide of you ever find yourself in a sticky, online, copyright situation.

Step 1: Check out that fair dealing defence

Are you like me and always find yourself in situations where you accidentally or on purpose (if you have so soul) exceed copyright laws? Well there are ways to defend yourself. You need to be armed with the correct ammunition if you feel you have done nothing wrong. Did you use the original copy for educational purposes? What was the nature of the work you were doing? How much of the original did you actual copy? And did your actions damage the value of the original? These questions can sometimes save you from infringing copyroght laws

Step 2: Has the author kicked the bucket?

There is a law that states that any intellectual property becomes public domain 50 years after the original creators death. As stated in the lecture, the Lord of the Ring trilogy will become public domain in 2043. Everyone should expect to see my spin off fan fiction that shall be published around then. So monitor if the author has died and when because this could also save you from being unfairly punished.

Follow these rules and you can safely navigate the the vast internet universe.

Stay classy.

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