Algorithmic Control III: Privacy

Let’s be honest. In a world where absolutely everything can be and is shared online wether that be through a facebook update, Instagram story or even your general thoughts posted with a funny caption on titter, nothing is off limits.

Like the lecture touched on, we generate information and data relentlessly, and with this data, the unrealistic expectation is that our information will always remain private. However this is not the case. A prime example fo this was the recent Facebook scandal with Cambridge Analytica where much personal data was shared to the data mining site and this was largely undetected by users until it was eventually uncovered. You don’t know where your personal online data is being shared to, for all you know, that cooking website you signed up for could secretly be making identities for Somalian pirates who want to start a new life.

So this weeks remediation, and my last one, will focus on the unrealistic expectations of the online consumer in regard to privacy when they just assume that their private data will always be protected because “they matter, Zucc cares about all his users equally”. Come on media consumers, you’re all blind. There is no better meme to display this naivety than the surprised Pikachu, honestly one of my favourite meme formats to date.

One thought on “Algorithmic Control III: Privacy

  1. Similar topics again this week, I preferred to make the last meme of the semester based around memes from the past and present of Bcm112, I appreciate your use of the Cambridge Analytica scandal as your main point of remediation, I thought on a similar path but more around the government watching us.


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