Reflection of my BCM212 research experience

The process of researching my own topic over this semester has been one that, much to my surprise has enlightened my thought process when conducting research. Before starting this journey, my ability to conduct ethical research was much more limited and upon reflection, I believe that if I could go back there would be some research techniques that I would change. However, in regard to this current research effort, I was learning how to efficiently research in an ethical manner as the project progressed, so, knowing what I know now there would be some fundamental changes I would make if I could go back and do it again.

Firstly, I would be much more organised with the amount of surveys that were produced. The surveys that were used did provide me with the right insights and data to complete the report, the sample size was not large enough to call the report a complete success. Having more surveys and less responders on each would still make the survey sample larger and give the findings of the report more validity.

The last thing that I would have changed was my time management. One of the reasons that I chose this topic was because it was something that I struggled with and completing this assignment was a test of my own work-life balance. I think more time into interviews and surveys needed to be conducted.

I did really enjoy the freedom of this report and research and it has done wonders to how I will research in the future.

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