What is my media niche?

My media niche is something that caused a great deal of consideration and pondering. As I assume many of my peers do, I consume so much media across so many platforms it was becoming impossible to narrow down a possible niche. This is when I made an important decision. I decided to choose a niche that I admired and enjoyed consuming but also wanted to learn more about as I realise that I am about to immerse myself into an auto-ethnographic study. So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my media niche, content creators and vloggers.

I was aware that this was a very broad niche to attempt to explore so I needed to provide myself with a more specific avenue to research in this ethnographic study. As my degree indicates, I am very interested in branding and consumer decision making. This lead to the realisation of my more specific avenue to explore, the fanbase of content creators and why they are so loyal to their respective creators. What benefits do these fans create for a creators brand? What do the creators do to create such loyal fans? To answer these questions, I will need to immerse myself into the fandom of some specific creators to begin to build an argument and a hypothesis for my research, which feeds directly into the veins of what an auto-ethnographic research report.

Some creators average millions of views consistently on various platforms and this is because of the personas and branding that each creator has carefully constructed during their internet career. Some of these creators use their loyal audience to produce the content that has proven to work so well. This delicate connection between fan and celebrity is a really interesting avenue to also explore and to attempt to demonstrate this kind of symbiotic relationship will shed more light onto the crazy world of these fandoms.

I am sure that all people reading this are involved in a fanbase of some kind of media, does not need to be content creators or vloggers. Attempting to penetrate the mind of at least one specific fanbase may be interesting to others as a universal acknowledgement of a fandoms stigma is relatable and interesting for all who use media. This will be an interesting research report and I am very excited to learn more about what it is like to be a loyal super fan.

(Please note there was an uploading error when this was first uploaded which was only picked up on the 2nd of September, this is the reason for the late publish date)

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