BCM215 Beta Presentation

Since the original pitch, my BCM215 project has not really undergone many changes, except for a slight variation in the content matter which is now more focused, this is talked about more on the video bellow.

However, what I plan to talk about in more detail in this blog post are the challenges I have faced, what I plan to do to combat these challenges and how I am planning to promote my blog for maximum engagement from my target audience. As stated in the video, WordPress has proved to be my downfall, preventing me from uploading posts in the way that I had originally planned. A quick fix has been made however, I am going to put the question to my classmates to see if an entirely seperate blog is needed for this project instead of a section of what is an already busy and chaotic blog site.

From a promotional standpoint, I am going to utilise Reddit and Twitter, after this Beta is handed in, I will provide updates in a completely seperate blog post that provides a statistical insight into the engagements that each post receives for both my benefit and as a way to catch up on this section of the assessment.

I also want to touch briefly on importance of audience input and engagement in my posts. My analytical framework was originally quite narrow in the topics that I would be discussing, the feedback that I received on my pitch changed my mind. I was reading comments that suggested possible research topics that were still centred around game marketing but more on various marketing techniques used by game developers and researching how and why they did or didn’t work. The suggested topics were awesome and I am going to continue to fish for more engagement to further broaden my knowledge of the game industry and the eventual content of the blog.

As far as a Beta version of a project goes, this one absolutely hit some serious snags that set me back. However, with some feedback from this beta and some answered questions in tutorials I feel like this DA will be back on track.

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