BCM215 Self Reflection of Comments: The Beta Version

When we first pitched our projects, my initial thought on this section of the project, where we had to reflect on what we comment, was the most annoying and tedious section and I did not see the merit. Now however, it all makes sense. The ability to read, watch and experience each others projects has actually helped with the construction of my own DA. So, this time around, I actually enjoyed going through the projects to see how far they had come.

Comment One: Tobias Thomas

I have been following this project closely since the pitch for two reasons. The topic he has is interesting and something that I have enjoyed reading and also, Tobias is my roommate, as I point out in the comment. Tobias made a very good point in his beta blog post where he highlighted the main issues that he had been having since the beginning of the DA process. This was to do with drive and motivation. He stated that when he was writing about a topic that he really enjoyed, it was easy and fun to conduct. However sometimes that drive just was not there and he would struggle to produce content. Because of my unique position, I suggested ways that he could combat this and continue to produce content. I said that I would be happy, as would some of our classmates, to collaborate with him on a topic that he knows he will struggle to complete, the group mentality and second view on things may help battle this motivation issue so he can continue to produce the content that I have been enjoying and hopefully he enjoys to produce.

Comment Two: Ashlan Rose

I was drawn very quickly to this DA by Ashlan because of the marketing aspect that she is addressing. I must have missed her project during the pitch phase because this would be one that I would have followed. Her project is very similar to mine, studying the marketing aspects of the gaming industry with particular focus on games she knows and loves like Angry Birds. It was really interesting to read a project with a similar topic as mine because it gave me some ideas of how my blog should be conducted and I stated this in the comment. She mentioned the theme of what her next post was going to include and I provided some examples that could possibly help her research. Her topic was “time wasting” and I suggested mobile games like Candy Crush and Cookie Clicker as games that are built for that purpose and marketed accordingly. I am keen to see how her project ends up.

Comment Three: Mitchell Barlow

Yet again, this is a project that I have been following since its original pitch and I am saddened to see that Mitch has encountered such hardships when attempting to put such an awesome concept into practise. The concept was all about attempting to showcase the game Monster Hunter but in regard to the landscape and the animals in a very cinematic, documentary like way. The problem being that he can no longer remove the character from the frame, meaning he is now going to attack the project from the mindset of Steve Irwin, a brilliant recovery. What I asked was if this change in theme would potentially open the door for a more comedic angle to be taken to the project. I was aware that this suggestion could be going in the wrong direction but I put forward the potential for a Russell Coight like version, where his character and the voice over all come together in a more comedic fashion. either way its a cool project.

The beta versions of all these projects are brilliant because of the fact that they are better than they were when they were pitched, indicating much time and effort has been put into their creation and the content they produce. I am beyond excited to see the final products.

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