Unedited David Dobrik Field notes: BCM241

Alright, so what does it mean to be a David Dobrik Fan? How am I going to do this? Well, first things first is to dive headfirst into his YouTube channel. Oh no… Uni is getting really tough guys…

All jokes aside, it was time to get serious. *Que intense montage music*

I started from his most recent videos and worked my way back and holy cow did this man post some videos.

*more montage of me watching videos, eating food, drinking a beer, clothes changing*

So, at this point I am 8 videos into what seems like the infinite universe of David Dobriks Vlogs. This is essentially a check-up to see how I am feeling as someone who hasn’t really watched much of his content. Can I be turned into a fan?

Well, first thing I can see why this man has such a large fan base, I mean, so would I if I just gave out thousands of dollars to randoms any time I was bored.

Joking, he is very generous; it is one of the things that I like about him so much at this stage.

Another key factor that I think needs to be mentioned is how I feel when I watch his content. I can say with 100% certainty that I smile pretty much the entire video each and every time. I don’t know what it is but he and his squad have made this perfect mix of wholesome content and some more adult themes to make vlogs that I actually want to keep watching and become invested in.

Goddamit David stop making me feel!

As I progress through his vlogs even further, I start to learn something else. It is vital for the integrity of his vlogs to keep this generous persona to base all his content off. That is what I am liking about David and what I assume many of his fans also like about him. He is the centerpiece that the entire vlog forms around. I would describe David as the old oak tree that the vines live around.

That was the dumbest analogy that has ever come out of someones mouth but let’s just move past it yeh?

I genuinely believe that it makes David Dobrik happy to make others happy, you can hear it in his voice. It is this authenticity that is beginning to suck me into the Dobrik fandom that is becoming global.

Alright, 20 videos deep check. I am a big fan of David Dobrik and his entire crew and YouTube channel. In the end, there is so much emotion and care imbedded in everything that he and his friends do so, even if I don’t lead the same lifestyle or have the same amout of money, it is relatable. Somehow has tapped into that human emotion. Honestly almost cried at one of his give always. Don’t tell anybody… strangers on the internet.

Here is where I am a little scared. I want to dive into reddit which is, to be frank, a little bit questionable in regard to what you can stumble across. I once found a sub reddit about sharpies in peculiar places and let’s just say there was a consistent theme surrounding where the sharpies were found. 

Reddit, I feel is a place where I can now interact with other fans of David in a less censored environment. Fuck what am I getting myself into.

It is easy to get lost in the David Dobrik Fan world, after all there are millions of the around the world

  • I didn’t know quite where to start
  • This project was going to take a lot more effort each week than I previously expected

This is where I decided to start in a place where you could find a discussion about anything, Reddit.

  • First thing is first, there are some seriously in-depth discussions about very specific parts of Davids life or what is known as the ‘Vlog Squad’ on some redit fan pages. I spent about 20 minutes going through a redit discussion surrounding possible reasons that David Dobrik is posting vlogs less frequently than normal. One thing that I noticed is the immense amount of care that the fans have for David and his friend’s mental wellbeing. I am so happy that I stumbled across this because it was a good starting point for me to begin to understand being a Dobrik Fan and ultimately becoming one myself.

Some unique observations thus far:

  • Dobrik and the vlog squad have this unique ability to make the viewer smile
  • David himself is a brand and markets his vlog in a similar way that Elon Musk does with Tesla, Elson is the advertising for his brand, same goes for Dobrik
  • I find myself wanting to experience his idealistic life style, I feel that is the same for much of his fan base
  • David is very generous, always giving away money or other items to fans or random people. Even though I live on the other side of the world, I find myself wondering if I could be next and this is a feeling experienced by everyone watching. The sense of wonder.

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