BCM241 Auto-ethnographic research project

For the 2020 BCM241 auto-ethnographic research project, I decided that I would explore the media niche, vloggers. In a more specific sense, I explored their audiences and what it takes to become a fan of these celebrities.

In this study, I would immerse myself into the world of both David Dobrik and Logan Paul, I would watch their content, follow their socials, and investigate fan clubs and anything else they are associated with. I wanted to find out what made these celebrities so popular and why their fan base is so loyal and expansive. I recorded my findings in vlog form, attempting to maintain a constant theme throughout the entire research project.

The link in this post will take you to a playlist on YouTube that includes the videos that were created in this project. They go over, in a 6-8 minute video, my experience with these two internet stars and record my experience as I attempt to become a fan and understand their respective fan bases.


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