BCM313 – The Evaluation of Tye Grieve

This semester, we were tasked with creating a presentation that told the story of someone in a field of work that we were interested in and talk about their professional values and the journey that they have been on. In my case, I was extremely lucky to have access to my personal friend, Tye Grieve. He is a small business owner and has been on quite the unique professional journey to get to where he is today.

The process of completing this project was daunting at first. Before I began, I did not know how to start this type of storytelling conversation and I was unsure if Tye’s responses were going to be good enough to form a story around. However, it became abundantly clear that my personal relationship with Tye made this seem like a natural conversation and the honest answers flowed from both of us. I began to notice that my own values that I had crafted over my comparably short working life were beginning to match the ones that Tye was describing. I found myself adding to points he made and asking more in depth questions that turned out to be factual because of the similarity that was forming surrounding our professional values.

After the interview, producing the presentation was much easier than I had originally anticipated. I began to see themes of re-remembering, a concept that I had not fully understood until I did more research into. It was important that I understood this theory as it directly related to Tye’s story and subsequently influenced my ability to re-tell it. However, for me, this presentation was much more about Tye’s story and relating our combined values than researching related theories. Upon reflection, my much more raw and un-edited take on his story was a great representation of how Tye has lived his professional life so far and a good angle to use for this presentation.

I quickly realised how vital his story was to the formation of his professional values. This was a critical factor for me to nail down as I feel if I did not put so much emphasis on his journey to date, his professional values would have seemed far more convoluted. My personal value of leaving no stone unturned and being driven by my want to do tis presentation in the most detail possible led to this emphasis on his story. In actual fact, the interview with Tye could have been conducted in 20 minutes, however we went for well over 45 minutes as we talked, laughed and shared stories. This is a direct reflection of how our values collide in regard to story telling and in depth conversations to get to the bottom of any issue or question. This was reflected in my presentation as I had so much material to include and hence the prioritisation of his journey and its importance to his values.

This was a very enjoyable project and it was special to get to know my friend on a deeper level in the process. It has taught me the importance of storytelling in business to unlock personal connections and open avenues never previously imagined.

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