Weight no More

‘Weight no More’ is a service that will revolutionise the fitness industry and aims to encourage greater numbers of population to attend various gyms around the world. ‘Weight no More’ will take the form of an app that tracks the amount of people in any gym that uses the service at any one time. As the world begins to heal after the Covid-19 pandemic, there has never been a greater emphasis on personal space and hygiene and with the use of our app, people can now track and plan their trips according to their own preference. However, I decided that ‘Weight no More’ has a much more important benefit, combating the judgment and “gym anxiety” that plagues much of the population.

For this digital artefact, I decided to create a company Instagram page that promotes the service to millions of people globally. The theme of the Instagram page is heavily focussed on how our service can aid people struggling with gym anxiety who are actively avoiding the gym because of it. Before undertaking this project, I had not realised the impact that gym anxiety had on so many people around the world. A recent study in America revealed that of those surveyed, 50% said that “the idea of working out around other people in a gym environment is a daunting prospect” (New York Post, 2019). This is an issue that spans across all genders and age groups, however there is a trend leaning towards more women feeling intimidated and more hence more likely to avoid the gym. 1000 women were surveyed in America in 2019 and a shocking 65% said they avoided the gym because of intimidation and anxiety of their own respective workout routine (Brown, B 2019). So it was evident that there was a market for what our service could provide.

When designing the Instagram page, I wanted it to look as professional as possible, so I primarily used Canva to design all the posts. Doing this ensured the page kept a consistent theme which is very important for holding the attention of my target market. Probably the most important tactic that I experimented with however was the use of hashtags. I noticed that after narrowing down the specific hashtags that I wanted to use, the posts would get a few likes very quickly compared to the very limited engagement that posts with no hashtags would get.

Upon reflection, there are a few things that I would do much differently if I was to take this project on again. I put a lot of emphasis on creating a professional and sleek looking Instagram page for ‘Weight no More’ and little time into boosting post engagement. As important as the design was, I feel that there was more I could have done in this regard like posted more stories, used a wider scope of hashtags and monitored the post insights more carefully. I had changed the account to a business page so I had access to these insights and these tools could have been utilised much better.

The main goal of the account was to promote our service and highlight the benefits that it can have for mental health surrounding the gym experience. The posts are designed to motivate and spark change in the audience. I took inspiration from Instagram pages like ‘Anytime Fitness’, a gym company that aims to cultivate a positive gym community. I believe that the content on the ‘Weight no More’ page does this well and balances promotion and motivation well.

If you would like to visit the page, the link can be found here

Brown, B. 2019, “A Shocking number of women avoid the gym for the fear of being judged”, Arena District 2019, [online], accessed 20th May 2022, Link

Gervis, Z. 2019, “Americans aren’t lazy – we are just scared of the gym”, The New York Post, 2019, [online], accessed 29th May 2022, Link

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