My Experience as an Audience Member

It is a little known fact that being apart of an audience in your life is unavoidable. Watching any event infant of you instantly labels you as being apart of the audience. It completely depends on what it is you are witnessing when it comes to the evaluation of your experience as an audience member. Was it entertaining? Confronting? Did it enrich your understanding of the subject? All these questions we subconsciously ask ourselves and I am no different.

Throughout my seemingly tame and mundane life I have even been in the audience to some events that have changed my perceptions on a topic and ultimately influenced my experience as an audience member. I have always been a huge fan of theatre, specifically musical theatre and never really thought I would ever experience a live show but once I was lucky enough to experience one.

My high school did a trip back in 2014 when I was a naive, young child who’s little head was full of lets be honest unreal expectations. The show in question was “The lion King” and I was not going to miss this opportunity. I can remember building the expectations up in my head more and more on what seemed like the worlds longest bus ride being from a country town and being a simple country kid who got excited by traffic lights.

The most interesting part of the whole “Big City Adventure” for me was the atmosphere that a live audience creates around an event. It was electric to say the least and the euphoric atmosphere made the performance so much better and this was when I discovered the true power of a good audience. The ease at which an audience can set the tone for a performance they aren’t even apart of still stuns me.

Now correct me if I am being a tad biased here because I think I am but because of my immense love for the acting and theatre profession but my young blown mind could not have identified any negatives from my audience experience. I loved it, every second however a live audience is a much more classical form of audience compared to the many different events that 21st century people can witness. Being apart of an audience no longer means getting dressed up, walking to a theatre, sitting down, getting too hot and regretting taking a huge coat, getting slightly uncomfortable in the seats that are too small and clapping afterwards. You can be an audience from your toilet in 2019 and that’s why I think my experience let me see a the underrated influence of a live audience.

3 thoughts on “My Experience as an Audience Member

  1. I started being part of a live audience early on- my parents raised my sister and I on musical theatre. Without being raised on them, I wouldn’t be the fanatic I am today.

    Seeing a show live is more powerful than a movie. After all, the actors are right in front of you and no two shows are exactly the same.


  2. Hahaha Oh Gus. It’s so true though, being a country kid really does change your whole perspective on bigger things. Everything is more exciting when you’re not used to a crowd of more than 100


  3. Angus I loved this piece on media audiences, as I am also from a country town I understand the utter euphoric feeling that comes from being part of an audience. I personally enjoy the “getting excited by traffic lights” portion of the post as I was excited by the flat escalators at the airport in Adelaide on my first big flight. I don’t know what it was but the country aspect of our upbringing from my experience, either builds the city up as a big bad monster for us or a great big adventure for our young sheltered from the back paddock to explore to our hearts content.


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