Weight no More

'Weight no More' is a service that will revolutionise the fitness industry and aims to encourage greater numbers of population to attend various gyms around the world. 'Weight no More' will take the form of an app that tracks the amount of people in any gym that uses the service at any one time. As … Continue reading Weight no More


Bailey Bond and Emotional Labour in the Workplace

Listening and reflection are vital for personal development and alignment of professional goals. The example that University of Wollongong’s High Achievers Recruitment Coordinator Bailey Bond put forward to the BCM313 congregation is excellent for framing multiple events that translate to most workplaces while also demonstrating some important yet relatable theory, emotional labour. American Sociologist Arile … Continue reading Bailey Bond and Emotional Labour in the Workplace

Contextual Report and DA: BCM215

During the process of completing BCM215, a Digital Artefact was completed that studied a game media text or para-text and analysed it throughout the semester. My project studied marketing and advertising, particularly games and gaming developers that advertised well and others who advertised badly. I also ensured that I made a very clear definition as … Continue reading Contextual Report and DA: BCM215