BCM215 Digital Artefact Pitch

In this subject, a Digital artefact is part of the major project, in this video I outline my basic pitch idea and the process that it involves. However, because of time constraints there were a few things that were glossed over that need to be expanded on so I can fully pitch the idea for my digital artefact.

I mention in the video how I intend to use my class mates as resources for future blog ideas and how I am going to utilise their hopefully unique opinions into what I write, however I did not mention. the much more academic side of the blog. Much of what marketing and advertising research is involves various meta-analysis research studies to gain a much more clear understanding. The trend of “over hyped” games that do nothing but disappoint the gaming community is not new and there is a-lot of research and redit rants about games that did not live up to the expectation provided by clever and misleading marketing.

One of the most prominent and relatable examples of what my blog will discuss is the invasion of mobile ads and just how misleading they can be. I am sure everybody reading this has been watching a YouTube video and have an unskippable ad come up shouting “RAID SHADOW LEGENDS, PLAY NOW FOR FREE”. Well this game has became one of the most hated apps on the app store to this date. Now this is partly to do with the repetitive nature of the advertisements that have infected platforms like YouTube however there is also a factor to do with the advertising and the misleading nature surrounding the fake hype and fake gameplay. Stewart Huang wrote in a gaming blog that the game “It is guilty of the two most notorious sins: intrusive, deceptive marketing and aggressively monetization-based design”. The game promised seamless gameplay in advertisements and the characters looked glossy and the game was set to revolutionise mobile gaming to compete with the likes of PC, however it was the biggest swing and miss ever. To illustrate my point, click here to see the amazing ads created for this game with the huge advertising budget and click here to see the actual gameplay that is riddled with ads and in app purchases.

This is just a taste of that kind of content this DA is going to produce, the first post will be about Raid Shadow Legends but in much more detail and written with entertainment as the utility in mind. My Pitch video is embedded so give it a watch and please leave comments on this post for more content.


Huang S, ‘Raid: Shadow Legends Is Absolute Trash And We’re Not Afraid To Say It’, The Brandeis Hoot, 2020, viewed 7th September 2020

3 thoughts on “BCM215 Digital Artefact Pitch

  1. A very interesting pitch that is sure to have a wide plethora of things to investigate. Just throwing some more games to check out and investigate as these ones are less misleading advertisement and verge more on predatory fan service would be most Japanese gacha games that are able to pull an anime crossover style of event, Fate Grand Order or Identity V for example both have had crossover characters.


  2. Hey Angus,
    This is a very cool DA idea, I think there a lot of interesting little marketing techniques that game companies have used over the years, some great and some not so great. An area of marketing that is interesting is how game developers and companies use social media. There have been many instances of them using hashtags or promo videos on platforms like Twitter, YouTube etc. The advertising that seems to bring the most attention to their products is the ones that the public can laugh with or at which often means that memes are part of the process, for example, the Pokémon social media made a bit of an oopsie last week, they were advertising for Pokémon Masters EX and they created a hashtag that if you used it would put an old school avatar next to the hashtag, but here’s the kicker, it turned into #pokemonmastersex (https://nintendosoup.com/pokemonmastersex-trending-no-1-worldwide/). This blew up on the internet everyone giggling about the bad word being in a Pokémon hashtag but there has been a lot of questioning as to if this was intentional because guess what was trending on twitter for a while. (https://nintendosoup.com/pokemonmastersex-trending-no-1-worldwide/). The use of social media and memes to promote a product (including games) has become more and more common. To follow up on this another huge tactic used by marketers in the game industry is by giving the consumers an early sneak peek by allowing early access to content creators. For example, if you look back on Twitch the last few weeks you would have seen that the new Marvel Avengers game (a good game to look at in regards to games that didn’t do great after huge marketing attempts) being played by several big streamers, the same can be found on YouTube. These companies pay these content creators obscene amounts of money (https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/05/19/twitch-streamers-are-getting-paid-50000-an-hour-to-play-new-games-they-deserve-it/#1e77f7c75fe3) to showcase their games on their platforms, they usually pay them a set hourly rate depending on how many viewers they get.
    I think that these marketing techniques are incredibly important to the advertising games and could be interesting for you to look into. Nice shirt btw!


  3. Angus to Start I have been victimised by raid shadow legends 1000s upon 1000s of times and I stand with the game is complete dog shit. I like the concept for your Digital artefact, exploring your blog further I found you show a distinct interest in the world of marketing and advertisements. This Digital artefact should help to both expand your portfolio, with also the definite possibility of expanding your knowledge of the gaming sector of advertisement. You go on to say you would like to work with other students from this subject even though we don’t have a class together I would love to follow this and assist with it in any way you need. All summed up well done it has good bones and I hope to follow this as it grows.


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