Logan Paul Field Notes

Logan Paul began his internet career, as did many current internet celebrities, on the platform formally known as Vine. Vine was huge when it was released in 2013 and Logan Paul was one of the biggest stars on the app, having his short videos played over 4 billion times. As he took off, he spread to YouTube as well as Vine began to die and his popularity did not dwindle, that was until an unfortunate incident that involved a wildly inappropriate decision that almost tanked his career for good.  

That fateful day came in early 2018 when the now YouTube star travelled to Japan and documented his travels in vlog form. They journey to a place called Aokigahara forest that is known as a place that had re-occurring suicides and was a place that should be avoided. Logan Paul and is crew filmed their adventures in this forest and accidently came across a dead body hanging from a tree. Instead of stopping filming and exiting the forest, they filmed it, made jokes and included it in the vlog. The reaction from the internet was horrible and Logan Paul faced many criticisms as his fan base began to spread hate and lose massive amounts of respect for the YouTuber. Logan Paul went very quiet for about 6 months and not much was mentioned about him, until the past year, when things began to turn around. This is where we begin our adventure. How did Logan Paul rise back to being one of the most popular vlog stars on the internet after this incident back in 2018? What has he done to secure his fan base and rise back to the top? This is me now becoming a Logan Paul fan.

As I did with David Dobrik, I needed to begin with sitting down and watching many, many Logan Paul vlogs, however this time was different. My David Dobrik ethnographic research started off with a different mindset. I had not seen a lot of Dobriks work, but I knew what he was about and already liked a lot of his content. Logan Paul is a different story. I used to actually be a Logan Paul fan, back in his early days, however after the Japan video, I experienced the lack of respect for the star and I did not think that his content was worth watching and I even didn’t think he deserved my time of day. So, this is not so much “becoming a Logan Paul fan”, this video is now much more of a potential redemption story. I will now immerse myself into his new universe and see if I can become a fan again and actually understand why his fan base stood by him all this time.

So, another video, another time lapse of me watching his content. I have to admit, when I first started watching, all I could think about was his old content and what he did. For the entirety of his first three videos, I was infected with this mindset, but then all of a sudden something changed. I will say quickly that the Logan Paul that I used to know and watch, the Logan Paul that I has lost so much respect for, had apparently gone. It was like everything that annoyed me about Logan Paul was sucked out by his shit head of a brother, don’t even get me STARTED on Jake Paul. That man is far beyond repair in my mind, but all of a sudden, it seems like Jake Paul could really redeem himself.

So, as confused as I was, I took straight to google to see if the fan base went through the same thing that I am currently going through and I even might find out what he changed to have this complete flip. I did some quick statistics checks because I was curious, jyst how many followers did he lose on YouTube after the Japan video? At the time he had around 15 million followers and was gaining around 60,000 per day. That is some rapid growth. However, after the fateful video, for around 5 days he was LOSING 6,000 per day. Then after his apology video he stopped posting for a while, almost like his account was dying, which statistically it was.

So, to end my little maths run, let’s have a look at how many subscribers he has now, this late in 2020. He is sitting at 22.6 million subscribers now, which is a huge amount, more than David Dobrik even who I see as king of the internet. So, what’s my current evaluation of his content? I am now 15 videos in and from what I can tell, his content is a bit raunchier and more adult themed than the likes of Dobrik.

So, what are my observations thus far

The first way that I would describe this new Logan Paul content is a perfect mix of wholesome moments and, as I stated before, some more adult themes. Compared to the likes of Dobrik, Logan Paul has a much more systematically and logical layout to his videos, meaning his vlogs follow the events of a day or couple of days whereby he uses his seemingly infinite wealth to do crazy things for content, which I kind of like. He may be doing some crazy stuff but his vlogs are also filled with just small snippets of Logan and his crew talking about something funny or re-counting events from the many other platforms and events that he does like podcasts, TikTok ect. I am currently 5 videos in however and there is still this underlying feeling of resentment to the YouTuber from past experiences, he seems a little cocky still. I still don’t understand his Fan Base, but it is early days still.

After over 50 videos going back years, I am starting to understand the fan base but I cannot say that I am a fan. It is a weird dynamic of liking Logan but yet still being sceptical.

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