The Medium is the Message II

In keeping with this weeks theme, my brain has just about glitched itself out of existence. I have had trouble (I say through gritted teeth) being able to upload any glitched images that I have created and this has only been the start. To date I have only had one success, and I’m happy it was my favourite. The key points from this weeks lecture however did resonate with my current situation so thats what I thought id write about.

The internet has completely changed how we view and interpret messages. In this weeks lecture we looked at internet paradigms and network economies in relation to the ideology that was previously looked at “The medium is the message”.

So, with almost none of my favoured visuals of ‘Vapowaved’ images or glitched videos, except this one of ted which in my opinion is what this weeks lecture content started to do to my eyesight, how am I going to convey my understanding of this weeks content? Excellent question. What I am going to deliver instead is the pathetic attempts of saving my glitched images and the message that they could actually represent.

I have been struggling hard with how this concept works and relates to my own understanding so I thought Id represent that through the glitched photos I created of myself going crazy. This feeds itself into the fact that because of the Cvoid-19 issue, my DA has been totally turned on its head and the still image you now see is a representation of how this subject is going for me. But in a sense, that is actually the core value of “the medium is the message” in this case I had an issue understanding and receiving the content whereas another student could have absolutely nailed it! The image above and my shocking attempts were all created using Photomosh, definitely get around it!

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